Login not working?

  • Check you have entered your password correctly and that your password is valid.
  • If it’s not valid, contact the IT Service Desk to change your password.
  • If your password is valid, check that you can log in to another University service such as MyMurdoch.
  • If you can log in to these services, then try changing your password. Wait 15 minutes before trying to access the database again.

If you are repeatedly returned to the login screen with no error messages, please ensure third party cookies are enabled.

If you have only just enrolled, your details may not be in the Library system yet. Wait a day or two and try again. You will not have access to Library online resources until 50 days prior to the start of semester.

Have you cleared your browser cookies and cache?

If you receive redirect, loop or proxy error messages when using online resources try clearing your browser cache and cookies:

Have you tried using a different web browser?

Try a different web browser or check that you have the latest version:

Are your browser cookies disabled?

Databases rely on cookies to be enabled in your browser to work properly.

Ensure cookies are enabled by checking the privacy settings in your web browser:

Are you off campus?

When using Findit, log in to access all search results (some results will not appear if you are not logged in).

Can't view PDF files?

If a PDF file doesn't open, or opens and is blank:

  • Check that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader or other PDF reader (for example, Foxit Reader)
  • Configure your browser so PDF files open in a separate window (for Adobe Reader, from the Edit menu choose Preferences > Internet and uncheck Display PDF in browser).

Log in errors with My Unit Readings using Safari

If you see an error screen when using My Unit Readings and Safari, try the following solutions:

  • Use a different browser to Safari, we recommend Chrome or Firefox
  • Adjust the Safari cookie trust settings to allow all cookies (Manage cookies and website data)
  • Log into My Unit Readings in a separate Safari tab before trying to link to readings from your LMS unit.

Are you having difficulty accessing resources using a workplace computer?

Firewalls and proxy servers on networks at your workplace may block access to our databases.

You may need to contact the IT department at your workplace or consider using another computer.

Need more assistance?

If you still experience difficulties, please Ask a Librarian.