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Unit Codes Commencing with V

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Unit Name Sem/Year
VET240 Veterinary Anatomy I  1/13, 1/14
VET452 Small Animal Medicine 2/12, 3/12
VET588 Diagnosis 1/14, 2/14
VET609 Medicine 3 1/14, 1/16
VET626 Medicine 2  2/12 (Ext.), 2/13 (Ext.), 2/14 (Ext.)
VET628 Dermatology 2/12 (Ext.), 2/14 (Ext.)
VET629 Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 2/12 (Ext.), 2/13 (Ext.), 2/14 (Ext.), 2/15 (Ext.), 2/16 (Ext.)
VET647 Advanced Surgical Techniques 1/16