Help with Findit

Find books, ebooks, journal and newspaper articles and more with just one search.

Findit searches across the Library Catalogue, most of the Library’s online journal articles and newspapers, and the Research Repository.

How do I use Findit?

Perform your search, then refine your results.

  • Enter your keywords into the single search box
  • To find phrases, use quotation marks (eg, "social history of medicine")
  • Refine your search results with the options on the left of the results screen.


Other search tips

  • Check the suggestions for related searches at the end of your results list.
  • Type the title into the search box when looking for a specific journal article.
  • Use the Advanced search option to search for authors or journal titles.

For more search tips, including how to use Boolean operators, see Search Query Help.

Using Findit off campus – login to get more content

You can search most of the content in Findit when you are off campus without logging in first. You will be prompted to login when you link to the full text of documents.

However, there are citations from some databases (such as Web of Science) that will not even appear in Findit search results unless you login first. To make sure you can access all available results, login using the authentication banner at the top of the screen:


What to do if you have problems logging in or accessing full text


You must have third party cookies enabled in your browser to use Findit from off campus.
If you are repeatedly returned to the login screen with no error messages, or you see error messages when you try to link to articles, you may need to adjust your browser settings. This is particularly so if you are using Internet Explorer.

  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options and then select the Privacy tab.
  • Click on the Advanced button.
  • Tick “Override automatic cookie handling”.
  • Make sure Accept third party cookies is ticked.
  • Tick “Always allow session cookies”.

Your settings should look like the image below:


Proxy server errors

A ‘proxy server error’ can usually be fixed by clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get recent items?

  • Use the dropdown box at the top right of the results list and change the order from Relevance to Date (newest), or use the date slider in the left hand menu.

Can I find current news stories?

How do I find a specific journal?

  • To find a link to a journal, as opposed to articles in a journal, enter the name of the journal in the search box (for example, Australian Journal of Psychology). Go to Content Type, and click on More options. Tick to include Journal / eJournal, and click on Continue.

How do I find articles from a specific journal?

  • Use the Advanced Search and type the journal name in the From this publication box. If you want to search a particular issue add the relevant details to the Volume and Issue boxes.

How do I email or print results, or save them to EndNote?

  • Click the Save icon at the top right of each record. – a Save items link will display at the bottom of the screen. Open this link to email, print or export your records.

Are there other ways to look for information?