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The Australian Research Council (ARC) and Open Access

arc_logo.pngThe ARC’s Open Access Policy requires that any publications arising from an ARC supported research project must be deposited into an open access institutional repository within 12 months of publication. At Murdoch University this means depositing your publication(s) in the Research Repository.

The ARC understands that some researchers may not be able to meet this requirement because of legal or contractual obligations. In such cases, Final Reports must provide reasons why publications derived from a Project, Award, or Fellowship have not been deposited in an open access institutional repository within the twelve month period.

The Open Access Policy does not apply to ARC Funding Rules and Agreements made before 1 January 2013.

What is Copyright and why does it matter?

The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) provides the legislative framework for the creation, copying, and communication of electronic, print, graphic, and audio-visual works at Murdoch University.  Staff and students are expected to comply with the Act and with the University's Copyright Policy and Intellectual Property Regulations.

The Copyright Act gives authors and other copyright owners of original 'works' the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, communicate, and adapt their material; and to licence, transfer, or sell it to other people.

Almost all  written material, images, as well as music and other sound recordings, films and other visual media, are considered as  'works' protected by copyright, whether they are in print format or digital, in a book, a magazine, a DVD, or on a website.

Using copyright protected works without permission from the copyright owner, or according to the provisions of the Copyright Act, or our various licences, could lead to infringement of the Act, with possibly severe repercussions for both the individual and the University.

This website will help staff and students manage the copyright protected works that they use and create in their research, study, teaching, and other activities in and for the University.


For further information please contact the University Copyright Coordinator Kate Makowiecka.

Disclaimer The information and advice given in these pages is for general use: it is not legal opinion.