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Audio-visual materials in lectures and tutorials

Playing AV material in a lecture that is being recorded in LCS
DVDs - Screenrights licensed
DVDs - licensed for educational purposes
DVDs - commercial purchases or rentals
Playing AV material in tutorials and workshops
Music and other sound recordings
AV materials and LMS

Playing AV material in a lecture that is being recorded in LCS

Please be aware that you may infringe copyright if you record or copy AV materials without an appropriate licence, the copyright owner’s permission, or the protection of s. 200AB; copyright infringement can incur severe penalties for both individuals and the University.

You may need to pause the LCS recording while playing some AV materials to avoid copyright infringement.

DVDs – Screenrights licensed

The Screenrights licence allows the University to play copies of off-air radio and TV broadcasts (from satellite and cable as well as free-to-air channels) and podcasts/vodcasts in lectures to be recorded in Lecture Capture System (LCS) without pausing the recording.

Screenrights recordings can also be made available for individual viewing via LCS – please use the Upload to LCS Request Form – and can be copied into other formats for delivery to students.

Screenrights recordings in the Library's collection have a green sticker on the cover, and are identified in the catalogue.

There are a number of ways to obtain Screenrights recordings, including making your own off-air; find more information about sourcing and using Screenrights recordings here.

DVDs – held by the Library with an Educational Purposes licence

When a Screenrights recording is not available, the Library purchases as many AV items as possible with an ‘educational purposes’ licence that allows them to be used in recorded lectures and/or uploaded to LCS.

These DVDs are labelled with a green sticker. Library catalogue entries for individual AV items note their permitted educational uses.

DVDs - commercially purchased or hired

You may play commercially purchased or hired videos/DVDs in a lecture, but it is an infringement of copyright to copy or record them through the LCS without appropriate licensing or permission. The Screenrights licence does not cover commercially purchased or hired DVDs.

s. 200AB of the Copyright Act may enable you to record snippets of some commercial AV works played during lectures; because each use must be judged as a ‘special’ case, please contact the Copyright Coordinator for advice on using this provision.

If you do not have a licensed copy of a work and/or s. 200AB does not apply, you should pause the lecture recording while the DVD is playing.

Playing AV material in tutorials and workshops

Tutorials and workshops held in recording enabled teaching venues are now set to automatically record.

This means that if you, or a student, want to play an AV work (whether from a device, DVD or CD, by linking to YouTube, etc) during a tutorial or workshop in one of these rooms you must ‘pause’ the recording system whilst the work is playing.

If you are using content sourced from EduTV, TVNews, and other Screenrights licensed recordings you do not have to pause the recording.

If no recording is taking place, any AV work can be played during the tutorial or workshop.


You can link to YouTube during a lecture, but because their terms of use do not allow copying you must pause the recording whilst the material is playing; you can also link to YouTube from LMS.

Music and other sound recordings

The Tertiary Music Licence applies to an extensive repertoire  of copyright protected recordings and permits a range of ‘educational purposes’; for instance, recordings can be played in lectures to be recorded by the LCS, and can be uploaded to LCS for individual listening.

More information about the Tertiary Music Licence and University Activities.

AV materials and LMS

Third party AV materials may not be uploaded to LMS unless you have explicit permission from the copyright owner.