Copyright matters


Copying out-of-print materials

The Copyright Act makes provision for copying an entire copyright protected work if it is out-of-print or ‘otherwise unavailable’.

Murdoch Print  can make copies of out-of-print works if the Bookshop cannot supply them for the reasons above.

Defining ‘out-of-print’

A work is out-of-print or unavailable if a new copy is not available from a supplier within a ‘reasonable time’ at an ordinary commercial price.
If this is the case, more than a ‘reasonable portion’ (i.e. up to the entire work, rather than just 1 chapter or 10 percent) may be copied.

Confirmation and record-keeping

You will need to confirm in writing with a supplier that the work is out of print. A record of the search should be kept.

To request the addition of out-of-print material to the Library’s collection please speak to your Subject Librarian.