Copyright matters

Links to useful sites and more copyright information

General copyright information

The Australian Copyright Act 1968

The Attorney-General's copyright site Copyright Law Review Committee, the Copyright Tribunal, etc

Australian Libraries Copyright Committee acts on behalf of all Australian libraries and archives

The Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) supports individuals, cultural and research institutions, businesses, and other groups in maintaining the balance between appropriate remuneration for creativity and equitable access to knowledge

Practical copyright information

The Australian Copyright Council free information sheets on all aspects of copyright

Blog, podcast, vodcast, and wiki copyright guide for Australia

Solid Arts provides free legal information and practical tools for Indigenous artists; information for everyone who has an interest in Indigenous arts; and links to other sites relevant to Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property

Open Access, Creative Commons, and Public Domain info & sources

Open Access Overview by Peter Suber focuses on defining Open Access in the context of research output

Creative Commons Australia provides OA licensing options that enable creativity, sharing, and innovation

Finding OA images

Search Creative Commons links to OA sources such as WikimediaCommons for images and Jamendo for music

Google images: add 'creative commons' to your search terms (then check that the image does have a CC licence)

Yahoo images: add 'creative commons' to your search terms (then check that the image does have a CC licence)

Flickr: add 'creative commons' to your search terms (then check that the image does have a CC licence)

Flickr Commons: ...hidden treasures from the world's public photography archives...

PDPhotos: royalty free, public domain photographs

Finding OA educational content

Open Educational Resources

Creative Commons: finding OER

Wiki Educator

Open University


Open Access Textbooks project

MIT OpenCourseWare

finding OA literary and other texts

Project Gutenberg free downloads of Public Domain books

Project Gutenberg Australia free downloads of Public Domain books including broad range of Australiana

Copyright Agencies

Copyright Agency administers the PartVB/CAL licence covering the use of third party works for educational purposes

The Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) & The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) collect and distribute licence fees for the performance, communication, and mechanical reproduction of their members' musical works

The Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) amongst other activities on behalf of its members ARIA provides licences for the use of their work

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd (PPCA) administers licences for the playing of music and recordings in public places such as shops, restaurants, gyms, etc.

Viscopy manages the rights in their members' artistic works