Copyright matters - teaching support


Unit readings for students

Students can be provided with their unit readings in hardcopy format (photocopies, cd-rom, etc) and digital (in My Unit Readings, via links to databases, etc).

Many readings are used according to the Copyright Agency's Licence (aka the CAL or PartVB licence); the numerous requirements of the licence inform the guidelines below.

Unit readings in printed format

What you can copy (per unit) for delivery to students in hardcopy e.g. a photocopy: 

  • 10% or 1 chapter of a book - whichever is greater
  • one article from an issue of a periodical – two or more may used if they all address the same topic
  • any work of fewer than 15 pages from an anthology
  • 10% of the words in an unpaginated electronic literary or dramatic work
  • one article from an issue of an online periodical such as an e-journal, e-zine, or online newspaper may be copied – two or more articles may be copied if they all address the same topic

Unit readings on CD

The print provisions of the CAL licence also cover the delivery of readings on a CD, including the 1chapter/10% rule, etc; please note these specific requirements:

  • the CD cover must state that the content is for the use of students of Murdoch University only
  • the front page of each item on the CD that has been copied under CAL/Part VB must carry the Copyright Warning Notice
  • the CAL/PartVB limits (above) on copying for any one unit apply across the delivery systems; e.g. cds are to be used as an alternative delivery format, not to provide additional chapters from the same book for the same unit

TNE: readings for Murdoch enrolled students at off-shore partner institutions

The CAL licence does not cover unit readings being printed at, or by, an off-shore partner institution. 

  • it is University policy that third party readings used under the CAL licence for use by Murdoch students at off-shore partner institutions are to be delivered via My Unit Readings
  • materials created by Murdoch University staff can be delivered via LMS

Unit readings in digital format

The CAL licence's digital copying limits are similar to the hardcopy limits above, but there is one major difference:

  • only one chapter of a given book can be made available online at any one time across the University.  This means that if your unit has a chapter of  The Anarchist in the Library available in My Unit Readings, no other unit can have electronic access to a different chapter from the book unless yours is taken down.  Students in other units can, however, be given a different chapter in hardcopy format

Because of this, and other stringent requirements made by the licence, it is University policy that digital copies of journal articles, book chapters, etc must be delivered via My Unit Readings.

Journal articles in databases

Journal databases are not covered by the CAL Licence, but are subject to publisher/vendor contracts; see the Library's Teaching Support page for guidance on access to these materials.

In the meantime:

  • many articles can be linked to from your LMS site
  • not all can be downloaded for copying into a print reader
  • the 'only one article from any one issue' limit imposed by the CAL licence does not apply to the databases; you can link to as many as you need.