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Unit readings: LMS or My Unit Readings?

Most third-party readings and other teaching materials can be delivered online to students; but because of licences, copyright, and so on, we have to use different methods of delivery.

You may deliver some items via LMS, whilst others must be placed on My Unit Readings by Library staff. You can also create links from your LMS unit site to most Library databases and eBook holdings, and to openly accessible websites.

 see also Quick guide to Unit readings and other teaching materials

Materials that you can deliver via LMS

  • your lecture notes (if they don’t incorporate copyright protected images, or more than brief quotations from copyright protected books, articles, etc.)
  • Unit Information and Learning Guides (if it doesn’t incorporate copyright protected images, or more than brief quotations from copyright protected books, articles, etc.)

You may also be able to deliver slide presentations, individual images, diagrams, pdfs of 3rd party works, etc., but only if:

  • you are the author/copyright owner; or
  • the copyright is owned by the University; or
  • the copyright owner (of e.g. a conference paper) has granted you written permission to use their work;
  • the material is part of an instructor's package provided by a publisher; or
  • the material is licensed for Open Access – e.g. with a Creative Commons licence.

When to use links from LMS

You can create links to:

  • electronic journal articles that are available in the Library databases. For more information see linking to an article in a database. (Note that most databases do not allow you to copy an article and deliver it via either LMS or My Unit Readings)
  • eBooks in the Library’s catalogue. Get the link for any specific eBook by right-clicking on ‘Permanent Link to Item’ in the Additional Information box on the right-hand side of the book’s catalogue record
  • websites that are openly accessible (e.g. there is no login or registration required, no payment, etc). If there is an invitation to download/print an article students can choose to do so. Be aware that some websites only allow a link to their front page. If you are in any doubt about the terms of use of a website please do not hesitate to contact for help with clarification
  • YouTube: note that their terms of use do not allow download or other copying of their content.

Student discussion groups in LMS

Students using LMS sites may share third party copyright works, e.g. online articles, images, music etc., with other students and staff by:

  • providing the URL of an online work; or
  • by requesting a member of staff to post the work in My Unit Readings (or the LCS);
  • by obtaining the written permission of the copyright owner; or
  • by using Creative Commons licensed works.

Students may not upload copyright protected materials to an LMS site.

Materials that must be delivered via My Unit Readings

  • book chapters
  • articles from hardcopy journals, newspapers, etc
  • conference papers
  • slide presentations that incorporate copyright protected images, graphs, maps,
  • content downloaded from the net

Most of these materials are used under the strict provisions of the Copyright Agency Ltd’s licence (aka the CAL or Part VB licence) so they must be managed by My Unit Readings. More on My Unit Readings

Students can reach My Unit Readings either directly from their unit’s LMS site, from their MyUnits page, or via the Library website.