Using My Unit Readings

My Unit Readings is a new and easy way of accessing essential and recommended readings for your unit. In 2016, My Unit Readings replaces eReserve.

How to use My Unit Readings

Find your unit’s reading list via a link in My Units. You can also search within My Unit Readings using your unit name, unit code or unit coordinator.

Items in a reading list may have been arranged by week, session, author name or importance. Click on the item title for more information about that reading.


To view an item that is available online, click the link under the item details (you may have to log in when prompted to view digitised content or online resources).


For physical items, the location and loan status are located in the right column.


Creating a profile

Set up a profile to help manage your reading lists. You can create an index of your current unit lists, add your own personal study notes* against readings and customise your list views.

  1. Click 'Sign in' (in the top left) then enter your Murdoch username and password
  2. Follow the prompts to create your profile (you only have to do this once).

To add a reading list to ‘My Lists’, click the ‘Add to My Lists’ button at the top right of the page.


To add your own study notes to a reading, click the ‘Add note’ button. You can also mark the read status of a reading (will read, reading now, have read or won’t read).


* personal study notes are private and your read status is unidentifiable to lecturers or tutors

Need more help?

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Search My Unit Readings

Search for your unit by unit name, unit code or unit coordinator.