Using DVDs and videos for classes

Videos and DVDs can be shown in a live tutorial or lecture, but there are copyright restrictions if the lecture is being recorded in LCS or any other recording system.

Booking DVDs and videos for classes

Book a DVD or video
  • Book your DVD or video at least two days before you want to screen it.
  • Collect your DVD or video on the day of your booking.

Screenrights licenced recordings

Screenrights licensed recordings can be used in LCS and copied for other educational purposes.

Screenrights and other AV resources in the Library which are eligible for use in LCS can be identified by a green sticker on the cover.

Most commercially produced film materials cannot be used in LCS. If you need to use commercially produced film materials in LCS, please contact the Copyright Coordinator.

Find out more about Screenrights, LCS and Audio-Visual material