Unit Readings

Add items to My Unit Readings and the High Demand Collection.

My Unit Readings

Use My Unit Readings to create and manage unit reading lists which comply with Copyright and are easily accessible to students.

My Unit Readings provides direct links to:

  • eBooks, online articles, digitised book chapters,
  • websites, and online videos, and
  • Library Catalogue records for print items.

You can embed your My Unit Readings list to your LMS. Students can find My Unit Readings from within their LMS unit, via My Units or the Library homepage.

High Demand Collection

Use the High Demand Collection to provide high-use study materials to your students for short-term loans.

  • Texts ordered via the Bookshop are automatically added to the High Demand Collection.
  • Teaching staff can request additional books and DVDs to be placed in the High Demand Collection.

The Library reserves the right to remove low use items from the High Demand Collection.

How do I add material to My Unit Readings?

Reuse an existing list

Make new changes yourself, or contact the Library for help with editing lists. Published lists will be rolled over by Library staff in December to the following year. This process means you'll have to remove and re-embed My Unit Readings lists in your LMS each new year. Let the Library know if you need help with re-embedding a list in your LMS.

Create a new list

To create a new list yourself, follow the instructions in the User Guide (PDF 2.1MB). If you would like help in-person let us know.

If you would like the Library to create or edit a reading list for you, contact us at least six weeks before the start of the teaching period.

Let us know how your reading list should be organised; by week, topic or resource type.

We will need the following bibliographic details for each item:

Citation of the Resource Position in list Special conditions
Include publication details such as author(s), title, chapter, edition, date, ISBN, ISSN, URL, etc. For example. 'Week 1' or 'Topic 1'. Mark as essential or recommended, any notes for students.

We will process requests as quickly as possible in order of receipt.

Requests received 6 weeks before the start of the teaching period Requests received less than 6 weeks before the start of the teaching period
The Library will commit to have all items held within the collection available for the first week of teaching The Library will process requests as quickly as possible but cannot assume responsibility for the availability of items in time for the start of teaching

How do I add material to the High Demand Collection?

Use the request form.

Alternatively, use My Unit Readings to add items to the High Demand Collection:

  1. In My Unit Readings, bookmark the item you'd like to add to the High Demand Collection.
  2. Add this bookmark to the reading list of your unit.
  3. Click 'Edit notes and importance' for this item.
  4. Under 'Note for Library', add the text Add to High Demand Collection or similar.
  5. Click 'Request review' to submit for review by Library staff.

Need assistance?

Contact us or call (08) 9360 6530.

User Guide for Teaching staff

Download User Guide
PDF 2.1MB (Updated Feb 2017)

Request forms

Request items to be added to My Unit Readings and High Demand.

My Unit Readings
High Demand

Copyright information

Digitised readings are subject to the restrictions of the Copyright Act’s Part VB licence. Only one chapter or 10% of a given book may be digitised and made available online at any one time across the University.

Usually, only one article from an issue of a journal may be digitised and made available for a unit; 2 or more articles may be copied from the same issue if they address closely related topics. For more information, see Teaching Support for Academic Staff - Copyright Matters.