Unit Readings

My Unit Readings is the University’s online reading list system designed to host and deliver unit materials to your students.

Library staff can help you create a reading list on My Unit Readings that complies with Copyright and other licensing requirements. Once created, a reading list can be embedded in your LMS.

Alternatively, you can create and make changes to a reading list yourself. See User Guide for Teaching Staff.

Request a reading list

Submit your reading list or unit information and learning guide (UILG) to library staff at least 6 weeks before the start of the teaching period to ensure unit readings are available to your students on time.

Teaching Period Submit requests by
Semester 1 15/01/2018
Semester 2 18/06/2018
TJA 27/11/2018
TMA 26/03/2018
TSA 23/07/2018

Submission requirements

Resource citation List position
Include publication details such as author(s), title, chapter, edition, date, ISBN, ISSN, URL, etc. For example: 'Week 1' or 'Topic 1'.

Reading list request form

Link your reading list in LMS

  1. Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Select your unit and turn editing on
  3. Select Add an activity or resource; under Resources, select Unit Resource List, then click Add
  4. Enter a Section title (for example 'NUR210 reading list' or ‘Topic 1 Readings’)
  5. Click Link to resource list or section
  6. On Authenticate page, press Click to Continue
  7. Select the section of the reading list from the drop down menu (if required) and click Save

If your list is not appearing correctly or is linking to an archived list, delete the Talis Resource icon, and follow the steps above.

Add material to the High Demand Collection

The High Demand Collection provides high-use study materials to your students for short-term loans.

It includes prescribed texts for units ordered via the bookshop.

You can request additional items to be added. All additional items added to High Demand are removed at the end of the year. You need to submit a new request each year if you would like the item to remain in the High Demand Collection.

The Library reserves the right to remove low use items from the High Demand Collection.

Add to High Demand request form

Add lecture slides and notes

You need to deliver lecture slides and notes that include copyright protected images, graphs, maps, etc. used under the Statutory Licence (e.g. copied from a book or a website) through My Unit Readings.

You can deliver lecture slides and notes through LMS if you have used a publisher’s teaching materials, Creative Commons licensed images, or other copyright-friendly content.

Add lecture slides and notes request form

Enquiries and help

For more information and questions about Unit Readings, contact us.


Request forms

Request items to be added to My Unit Readings and High Demand.

My Unit Readings
High Demand

User Guide for Teaching staff

Download User Guide
PDF 2.1MB (Updated Dec 2017)

Copyright information

Unit readings are made available to students under a range of licences and contracts, including the Copyright Act’s Statutory Licence.

For information on the terms of the Statutory Licence, how to use Creative Commons licensed works, etc., see Teaching Support for Academic Staff - Copyright Matters.