Murdoch University - Perth western Australia

You appear to be lost...

Murdoch University has one of the largest campuses in Australia, so it's understandable that visitors occasionally find themselves somewhere unexpected.

Perhaps you were looking for one of the following services?

  • Class Sign-up - Registrations can be accessed directly via the Class Sign-up page.

  • MyAdmission - Applying to Murdoch University is easy using our online application system.

  • MyMurdoch - MyMurdoch is your 24/7 gateway to the many online resources available to Murdoch staff and students.

  • Webmail - Access your staff or student email account using Office 365.

  • Murdoch Handbook - Browse or search for all current and past courses, majors, minors and units offered by Murdoch University.

  • Murdoch Maps - Murdoch Maps will help you navigate around the campus, and is available on IOS, Android or your desktop device with an internet connection.